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It's so good to have you here!

You just began to create your turning point!

The turning point that will shift you from whatever you are currently stuck in, toward the life you want to be living.

I don't like empty promises and I am not a salesman either.

But I know from my own experience, and through experiences of those I interviewed and coached, that every transformation, every life-change starts with the INTENTION to trigger this shift.

"Intention is a mother of execution." - Robin Sharma

Take this course at your own pace.

If you like, you can do it in 8 weeks (each new section is designed to take a week.)

But this is YOUR OWN practice. Do it any way it fits YOU.

This course is NOT a magic potion or a 'secret' solution to your problem. It IS a guide to help you access your own "Red Ruby Slippers" (which you already have on). It IS a support system that everyone needs when making a change.

It's designed to help you develop a practice - which you can use to keep creating the 'turning points,' activating grace, awakening, becoming more and more aware of the presence of the Divine (God) in your life - not just now, but from this point on.

As with all practices, please be patient. We'll do some pretty basic stuff - keep in mind that even the master pianists practice scales every day, and monks and saints spend hours in prayer and mediation.


I like to use music as a tool which creates space for our thoughts and hearts to soar. Music is, to me, a connector to the Divine.

Throughout this course you will find songs and music. I am using music that I own or have a license to use. Try to listen to it without judgment of its style (if it's not the style you prefer.) Listen with an open mind and an open heart.

This is a Self-Guided Course, but I am available to guide you through it.

Depending on what level of guidance you signed up for, you will have either group calls with me or individual email support and coaching sessions.

I do appreciate your feedback as we go through the lessons. If there is anything that's confusing or needs extra explanation, please let me know (email me at ).

Creating this course was a challenge for me - but it was also a part of my own getting 'unstuck' - letting go of my fears and insecurities to honor my deepest desire to help others who are now in the place where I was several years ago.

Ok, let's begin.

Here is to the journey!

PS This course is based on 5-Step Practice as outlined in my eBook "AWAKEN to Joy and Purpose." You can download it here.