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  Nice to Meet You!

"Keep Your Head Up" is a song I wrote right after my awakening -- my 'turning point.'

When I saw the first edit of the music video, I was surprised at how much I was twirling! I wasn't even aware of it... I had forgotten how much I loved to twirl! The person I was created to be, showed up after my turning point.

I was ME again - free of fear and filled with joy. I want you to come out of this course twirling! (Or whatever your version of 'twirling' is.)

I'm looking forward to meeting YOU!

PS As far as my credentials go, I am a Transformational Holistic Life Coach certified through Radiant Health Institute. I'm also a published author and host of TV show "Waking Up in America" on which I interview amazing people about their Turning Points.

If you'd like to add Keep Your Head Up to your playlist, here is a FREE download!